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This Is Not About SoulCycle

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

I’ve never regretted being brave.

I’ve resented some of the hardship that is inherent when betting on oneself, but I’ve never thought that I should’ve stayed





When I think back to my upbringing, I remember the countless moments I resented not having more “stuff”. And now, I find myself resenting those who only have “stuff” to offer.

I have been given lessons that cannot be bought.

I have been shown character traits that can only be earned.

I have learned about who I am through failure and extreme heartache.

My superpower is my wisdom and empathy.

My kryptonite is my ego and comparison.

If you think this is solely about SoulCycle, you have sadly missed the point.

This is about what we allow.

How our first instinct is to turn away when it’s



When our privilege is challenged.

When our sense of normal is challenged.

When we put our self-worth into the hands of a corporation or other person, we give away our power. We dissipate the trust in our own worthiness. We limit the reach of love and empathy for humanity.

When we give the title of church or religion to a wellness methodology, we have chosen to adopt, adapt, and sterilize.

Adopt their value system.

Adapt to a culture that is not concerned about the well-being of all.

Sterilize our freedom of thought and creativity in exchange for acceptance.

This is not just about SoulCycle.

It’s about every human who posses some characteristic that the world deems unworthy, who joins the wellness community to take care of themselves, and becomes more sick in the process.

It’s about every 8 year old girl who believes she’s fat because she watches the women in her life shame their bodies into oblivion.

It’s about everyone who has a therapist, botox, medication, a tanning bed, eyelashes, a gym membership and still cannot look in the mirror and tell the person staring back at them that they are loved.

Why are so many of us afraid to say, “enough”?

This is not just about SoulCycle.

They are an example.

Not an exception.

On Monday during a Courage Campaign workshop, I asked my students to write what they want their legacy to be.

I encourage you to do the same, and work backward to create a life worth living and remembering.

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