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The Courage Campaign

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Hi. Hello there. I imagine that since you’ll be on a journey with me, you might want to know who I actually am (a fanatically determined 32 year old), how I see myself (an introvert with extroverted tendencies), current goals (to save the world- seriously), and what The Courage Campaign actually is (we’ll get to that).

This project was born out of my seeking alignment and synchronicity between many modes of self-care, including: traditional exercise, journaling, meditation, talk therapy, eastern medicine, and functional nutrition. I was trying to synthesize the reason behind how I got to a place where I was living the definition of success that I set for myself just 5 years ago. Thanks to an incredibly special and off the charts emotionally intelligent friend of mine (Hey, Mark! xo), I learned that it is my ability to transform fear into something that creates space for accomplishment that allows me to move through the world with an unwavering belief and trust in myself.

I am Black, French, Irish, Dutch, English, Jamaican, and most likely a little Native American, too. I am a woman. I am the product of divorced parents. I am a victim of sexual abuse. I’m a small town girl whose dreams reached far and beyond the four corners of Glassboro, New Jersey.

I’ve spent my entire life connected to my intuition, however it's really been within the past 9 years that that voice has been a driving force in my decision making. Why? That’s when my father passed away from complications due to a motorcycle accident. As I write this now, I’m almost exactly three months away from the tenth anniversary of the most horrific time in my life. Because I do believe you can find light in even the darkest of days, I can say with utter confidence (and a very small amount of guilt) that my life has become exponentially better since that day. And it’s not like I’m a stranger to death, guys. In fact, my paternal grandmother died just 59 days before my father (it was a sad year). I have only 1 grandparent left, no great-grandparents, my childhood pets have long passed…I’ve had ample opportunity to learn about life after the passing of someone you love. Or so I thought, anyway.

My dad’s passing nearly killed my spirit. Read that again. If you’ve lost a parent, you might be nodding your head right now. I think my brain spun for about a year after. From total disbelief to “should I just kill myself?” and back again. Somehow, it opened up a desire to really live. I started to think, “My God, what if I die before I’m 50? What the hell will I have done?” So I kicked and screamed and scratched and clawed to figure out what that legacy would be. I left the relationship I was in, auditioned for grad school, left grad school, got married, got divorced, changed jobs, and created a company.

Every single time I’ve let go of a situation that was pulling my spirit into the mud, more abundance and goodness came into my life. You can call it God, the universe, The Secret, a higher vibration- it doesn’t really matter. When you are able to clear negative energy in your life, you make room for better. When you take ownership over fear and anxiety, and turn them around so they empower you, you make room for better. When you internalize the fact that your existence isn’t guaranteed for another day, you make room for better. Please understand this isn’t without struggle, failure, and frustration- that’s life. But the end result is that I trust myself and my decision-making more than I ever have. I have a beautiful, wonderful chosen family, and most importantly - my definition of success has changed again and I’m chasing after changing the world with more ferocity than I even think I had.

The Courage Campaign is a fear-transformation tool that uses fitness as the prime motivator for the metamorphosis of decision-making and personal accountability, while also honoring how overall wellness, time-management skills, and goal-setting are essential for building the inner fortitude and resilience needed to succeed.

In it’s simplest form, The Courage Campaign is broken up into essentially three parts:

An 8-week one-on-one program focused on the individual. An in-classroom workshop, tailored to any age group of students K-12. A 60-90 minute group workshop called Failing Gracefully.

The Courage Campaign doesn’t work unless you do. I’m a no bullsh*t kinda girl, and I expect any participants on this journey to take their own life as seriously as I do. This isn’t a go at your own pace kind of process because life doesn’t move at a pace that fosters unending comfort. Neither will we. We live in a culture of “now”, but what they didn’t tell you is that “now” still requires work and effort. Failures will present themselves at every corner. All that matters is how we push through them to reach the next level.

Fear will always be present. So will anxiety, an aversion to pain, failure, and embarrassment, as well as the life- sucking black hole that is social media/ society. But guess what else will always be present…Courage. Take the leap.

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