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Our aim is to support school aged children who receive their education in underserved schools. The Courage Campaign provides the opportunity for each student to experience and develop a working vocabulary for wellness, self-care, and agency through physical movement, journaling, and discussion-based learning centered around "soft skills".  Your donation is the catalyst for the growth and institutionalization of this program.  Each dollar will support items which include but are not limited to:​

- Operating Costs

- Funding for schools who can benefit from the program but don't have the budget, especially those in transformation status

- Research and Education Services

- Content creation and hosting services

- Fitness equipment; including Yoga mats and water bottles

- Healthy post-workout snacks

- Creativity and journaling materials such as journals, paper, crayons, crafts, etc.

- Fees for trainers, therapists and/or other skills needed to maximize the learning experience

- An emergency reserve to support students and their families, where applicable.  

** Note that Covid-19 has obviously created addition, extensive economic challenges.  With this in mind, we have allocated a higher proportion of our funding to directly help families through this hardship and, by extension, support their children by ensuring they can continue to participate in educational programs to the fullest extent possible.

We believe that wellness, social emotional learning opportunities, and a holistic support system for each child should be a right, not a privilege.  

We appreciate your belief and trust in us, and our method of delivering courage and necessary change.

With gratitude, 

Ashley and Mark

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