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Last summer, after becoming an ambassador for lululemon, I was asked to set a goal that I could chase and champion during my two year tenure. That goal was/is: "I will make the Boston fitness scene more inclusive and diverse by 2021".  

I had so many feelings always bubbling beneath the surface on where we as a community could be better and it wasn't until the perfect storm of Covid-19, the constant images of murder and brutality against Black bodies and the ensuing protests and trauma, that I was finally heard.

Amongst the cries for change, is this one seemingly unanswerable question... what can we do?!

For me, the only way we can begin is by being honest about where we are and clear about where we are trying to go. In building this survey, my hope is to take the pulse of the community and let that be the catalyst for change. 


Ash Mitch

Survey Results

Overall Results

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