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The Courage Campaign for Schools

The Courage Campaign for Students is a program targeted at helping every child identify and activate their inner strength through a holistic approach that combines movement with journaling and dialogue to tease out their individuality and innate characteristics of courage. We offer this as both a targeted workshop and a more extensive multi-week program. 

The Why 

There are three fundamental reasons behind the building of this program:

  1. While our traditional education system is steeped in developing core academic and physical fitness skills, it is often missing elements (Courage being the centerpoint) that I fundamentally believe will augment a more well- rounded approach to life.

  2. Movement (think HIIT training combined with the fluidity of yoga or flow) integrated with thought- provoking questions and journaling creates a level of freedom, creativity, and motivation to identify and discuss the characteristics of inner strength, courage, and resilience.  This discovery will enable the students to feel more empowered and better prepared to deal with fear, failure, and challenges that may come their way. 

  3. The building of community under a shared goal or set of principles is essential to learning about life and perspective. The workshop space is a safe environment to engage in critical conversations, challenge self-limiting beliefs, and discover one's sense of freedom and play! Similarly, to have the space and time to reflect and and introspect can create a much needed connection between mind, body and spirit.


Program Details


Courage Transformation Workshop

This workshop is offered in 60 and 90 minute formats that can be dovetailed into the school day or as an after school event. Set to a specifically curated, inspiring playlist, the students will participate in a weaving of discussion, intention-setting, journaling, breathing & meditation techniques, and movement exercises designed to release the endorphins that pave the way to self- empowerment. This is not a traditional P.E. class! 


The framework can be offered as a one-time event or recurring - integrated into the school curriculum as a standard offering. Meant to augment the existing educational structure, The Courage Campaign aims to create synergy by filling the gaps in physical education, athletics, and social-emotional wellness programs. As each student population and socio-economic upbringing is different, we will perform an initial assessment with the school to consider the questions and unique needs of the study body. While the foundational structure of this program is consistent, the details will reflect the needs and concerns of the student population.

The range of topics covered include:

  • Courage

  • Wellness

  • Failure and Accountability 

  • Resilience 

  • Fear

  • Inner Strength

  • Self Care

  • Intention Setting

By the end of our time together, students should have a sound bodyweight movement vocabulary, the ability to crystalize their hopes and dreams into actionable steps, and to redefine and be accountable to personal "wellness" and how it fits into their everyday lives. Furthermore, students should be equipped with the intuitive and practical skills of effective ways to communicate needs, respond to failure, and better manage fear and anxiety through the skills that they have learned.  

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