The Courage Campaign for Individuals

The Courage Campaign for Individuals is a reinterpretation of individualized 1:1 coaching. The aim of the training sessions are to transform fear and the surrounding narratives by using fitness as the anchor point for achieving overall wellness, balance, and personal growth. 


By recognizing and naming the fears and hurdles you feel are “holding you back”, you and Ashley will work as a team to customize a set of tools to be used for the length of the program and beyond. These tools will be powerful enough to stand on their own but are ultimately intended to complement whatever wellness regimen you already subscribe to; serving as a catalyst to break through self-limiting behaviors and attain new levels of success and confidence.  

The Why 

The Courage Campaign isn’t another “method”, but rather, it fills a void. The program is an amalgamation of fear-management, fitness, goal-setting, nutrition, and overall wellness. The reason why it’s unique is because it’s highly individualized. This isn’t some program to be mass produced and sold online. It’s done one to one and the participant will co-architect their own journey. 

The effects of The Courage Campaign don't end the minute you leave the room. We spend time rewiring and re-imagining your patterns of behavior so your trust and belief in yourself also don’t end after the close of each session. Having real conversations with real support and objectivity can be the difference between “I wish I could” and “I am”. 


This is about resilience, tenacity, standing up for yourself, using the word “no” as a full sentence, and maintaining accountability for your mental and physical health.



Program Details


  • Personalized training plan: the participant will meet with Ashley to set up training goals and a timetable/ training plan to achieve them. 

  • Mandatory attendance at least once per week: 60-75 minutes per session. 

  • Nutritional support: co-curated framework/recipes to help you manage cooking, meal- prepping, and reframing what healthy looks like for your body! 

  • Homework: Goal setting, journaling, creating a weekly workout and nutrition schedule, and targeted reading/viewing materials aimed at expanding your comfort zone and developing a renewed sense of accountability. 

Contact Ashley for pricing and details! Please be advised: clients are chosen by interview/application process only.