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What is The Courage Campaign?

Strong Minds + Bodies today lead to a positive tomorrow

Our Mission

“Our mission at The Courage Campaign is to revolutionize the student experience by using movement, journaling, and critical conversations to unlock self-limiting beliefs, enable agency and accelerate the closure of the opportunity gap in education"

So what is The Courage Campaign?

The Courage Campaign (TCC) is a workshop for public school students that combines the power of movement with self-reflection to foster personal development, confidence, and excellence.  Founded and taught by one of Boston’ premiere fitness instructors, Ashley Mitchell leads students through a series of physical exercises and guided introspection to give students the tools and confidence to navigate every day challenges. 

Through the program, students receive a sound understanding of bodyweight movement and its vocabulary, the ability to convert their hopes and dreams into actionable steps, and account for personal wellness. Students are further equipped with the intuitive and practical skills to better communicate, respond and manage stress, fear and anxiety.  

The Courage Campaign is a 501(c)3 non-profit (EIN: 85-1704344).


Students will learn bodyweight exercises and vocabulary that they can use everyday for a more well rounded and healthy life.



Students will put pen to paper and work through a range of topics via the power of journaling. 


Through this program, Ashley provides a safe and encouraging space for students to explore difficult questions and learn more about their peers. 

How Does It Work?

The Courage Campaign is designed to augment the existing educational structure by bridging the gap between physical education and social-emotional wellness programs.  How? 


Before coming to your school, Ashley performs an initial assessment, working with a school representative, to consider the unique needs of the student body.  While the foundational structure of the program is consistent, the details will reflect the needs and concerns of the student population. This tailored approach offers students the greatest opportunity for success.  Topics covered include:

Courage   |   Wellness   |   Failure & Accountability   |   Resilience   |   Fear   

Inner Strength   |   Self-Care   |   Intention Setting

The program is offered in either a single workshop or weekly (or monthly!) residency.  


Single Workshop

The single workshop can be 60 or 90 minutes and easily fits into a morning period or after school activity. Here students will set intentions, journal, learn various breathing/meditation techniques and movement exercises that pave the way to self-improvement and awareness.  

Book a Workshop


Like the single workshop, the residency offers similar exercises and techniques, but enables more in-depth conversations that are aligned with what students are learning the in classroom.  The residency option further fosters engagement and community.

Book a Residency

Ready to Book?

To learn more about bringing TCC to your school send us a message below! 

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